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About this Publication

It is our intended purpose to provide data collection activities that are the least burdensome, nonduplicative, and of practical utility. The department attempts to:
  • Simplify the reporting requirements and reporting formats;
  • Promote maximum coordination and efficiency of data collection activities within the department; and
  • Make recommendations for the consolidation of data collections to minimize duplication.

All data collections which are to be distributed to anyone outside of Wisconsin state government by or under the sponsorship of the Department of Public Instruction must be submitted for review and authorization prior to planned distribution. Authorization is the determination that sufficient justification exists in law, regulation, or program need to permit its use. Forms are updated on an ongoing basis. The following criteria are considered in authorizing data collection:

  • Law or regulation implies need for data collection in order to comply with a mandate, or data are necessary for managerial or legislative reporting or decision-making;
  • Data are not readily available from other sources within the department or from other state agencies;
  • The need for data as specified above outweighs the respondent burden to gather and report such data.

DPI Divisions and Team Names

  Office of the State Superintendent
Deputy State Superintendent's Office

       Education Information Services
       Legal Services
  Division for Academic Excellence
       Career and Technical Education
       Content and Learning
       Lifework Education
       Teacher Education, Professional Development and Licensing
  Division for Finance and Management
       Community Nutrition Services
       Human Resource Services
       Management Services
       Policy and Budget
       School Financial Services
       School Management Services
       School Nutrition Services
  Division for Learning Support: Equity and Advocacy
       Outreach Team
       Special Education
       Student Services, Prevention and Wellness
       WI Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
       WI School for the Deaf
  Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning
       Applications Development
       Information Technology Management
       Instructional Media and Technology
       Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing
       Library and Statistical Information Center
       Public Library Development
       Technical Services

Division for Reading and Student Achievement
       Community Learning and Partnerships Team
       Office of Educational Accountability 
       Successful Schools
       School Support
       Title I
       WI Educational Opportunity Programs and Office of Urban Education

Usage Descriptions

Internal: Used only within DPI
Local: Distributed by DPI for local use only and not returned to the DPI
External: Sent outside DPI to be completed and returned to the department

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