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From the State Superintendent

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is pleased to make available the Data Collection Plan. Ever-increasing demands from a growing number of internal and external constituencies for public information, ancillary services, program reporting, and student accounting have become so extensive that the need to control and reduce the reporting burden on local educational agencies has become a high priority at the DPI. The Data Collection Plan has been designed as a planning document and reference tool to provide a due-date listing of authorized data collections.

Forms and paperwork are often the first and most frequent contact school districts have with the Department of Public Instruction. As such, these documents, by being the least-burdensome necessary, nonduplicative, and of practical use, should reflect that the department is a good place with which to do business. Over the years, DPI has taken a leadership role in placing standards and restrictions on the volume of data collected from school districts, and our standardization and consolidation efforts stand as a model for other agencies. In 1985, the department had over 3,000 separate external forms. Since that time, the total number of forms has been reduced considerably. Additionally, we were the first state agency to make use of electronic data reporting.

Since all authorized department data collections are included in this plan, school districts need not respond to other data collections unless specific authorization is attached to the collection instrument.  It is in the interest of local educational agencies to notify DPI when any new data collection instrument is received from agencies or organizations external to the department. In many cases, requested data are already accessible within the agency and can be used to fulfill the reporting requirement, thereby reducing the data burden imposed on the educational community.

Through the combined efforts of the State Superintendent's Education Data Advisory Committee, the department's data administration section, and your feedback, we look forward to continued reduction of the data collection burden, thus freeing you to devote time to the improvement of education for Wisconsin's children.

Tony Evers
State Superintendent

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