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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do I actually download the forms?
    A. We have attempted to make the process as simple as possible. All you need to do is follow the previous instructions for locating the form you wish to download. You will find a direct link to the form on the specific form’s Data Collection Plan page. Click on the link. Not all forms currently contain a specified link. As time progresses, all official DPI data collections will be made electronically accessible.

    Forms are available in a variety of formats:

    Print Only Form is a document that can be viewed through your browser but must be printed and then filled out manually. The document can be a MicroSoft Word file MicroSoft Word File, a MicroSoft Excel file MicroSoft Excel File, an Acrobat PDF file Acrobat File, or an HTML file HTML File.

    HTML Forms HTML File (HTML) is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. There are limitations to the design appearance of HTML created documents that are beyond the originator’s control. Essential design elements, such as typeface and page boundaries are often dictated by the viewer’s browser. The placement of graphics may not be precise. HTML pages snap to the viewing browser’s window size.

    Electronic Fillable Form are data collections that have been created using spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) or word processing (Microsoft Word) software. These programs should not be considered high-end electronic forms packages, but are made use of in the creation of data collection documents because of the large install base of Microsoft users. The file can be a MicroSoft Word file MicroSoft Word File, a MicroSoft Excel file MicroSoft Excel File, an Acrobat PDF file Acrobat File, or an HTML file HTML File.

    Web based Data Collections Web App File are full-blown web applications that use defined programming codes to activate an action. These data collections are NOT downloaded. Such forms require on-line completion and submittal. Oftentimes, these include database integration whereby submitted data is saved to a server database.

    If you are using Netscape, you may need to click the right mouse button on the link and select “Save link as…” to download the form to your computer. Your browser should ask for a location to put the form, or it will place it in some predetermined default location. To open the form with a PC, you will need to start the application that you wish to view the form with, and open the file at the specified location.

  2. Q. The form I want is only available in MSWord 6.0, but my computer only has MSWord 5.0. Will I still be able to use the form?
    A. Probably not. Most programs are only downward compatible, meaning that if you have a higher version you can look at files made with a lower version, but usually not vice versa. The files usually won’t even open, and if they do they normally will be unreadable.

  3. Q. I do not use MSWord or Excel. Will I still be able to use the forms?
    A. Some forms are available in multiple formats but the majority are created in MSWord. The reason for this is that these are by far the most popular programs and the majority of people have access to them. If you do not use these programs and the form you want is not offered in some other format, contact the primary DPI contact person for a paper version.

  4. Q. I clicked on the link and received the form, but can’t find it. Where did it go?
    A. If you didn’t have to specify the file’s destination, it means that your browser has a default location. If you are using Netscape for Macs, you can set the location by going to the Options menu. Click on General Preferences, and then on the Applications file tab. This location is the default destination for downloaded files. You can reset it to a convenient location. PC and Unix based Netscape programs will always ask for the estination explicitly.

  5. Q. Why won’t the application let me open the form I downloaded?
    A. Once again, applications tend to be very particular about which files they will open, and will normally only open their own specific files types. Thus MSWord will only open documents created in MSWord, for example. You need to make certain that you are using the proper application. Look at the top of the column containing the link to the form to see which type of file you are dealing with.

  6. Q. Who should I contact if I think a form is outdated or incorrect?
    A. Please send an e-mail to or call at (608) 267-9154. We will conduct the necessary follow-up.

  7. Q. I have a form that I think would be very useful to many people. How can I submit it to DPI?
    A. We greatly appreciate any submissions and will consider them for inclusion upon appropriate review.

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