WINSS Successful School Guide
 Standards and Assessments What indicates success in standards of the heart?

Standards of the Heart Planning Tool. This planning tool is made up of six steps that school staff should complete in order to assess students in relation to standards of the heart.

During this process, you will create a plan to guide your assessment efforts. You can download the plan at anytime in it's development as you work through the six steps in this planning tool. Some of the steps will require you to do your planning work with other members of your school or community so the planning tool has been designed to be flexible and does not need to be done in one setting.
View a template of the plan (RTF file).
View a sample completed plan (RTF file).
To complete this planning tool you will need: your school goals and/or school or district mission statement, as well as the core values that your school and community have identified as important for students to learn. If your school has not identified core values, this planning tool includes a process for doing so.
This workshop requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. The final plan will be an RTF file which can be read in most word editing programs such as Word, WordPerfect, BBEdit, and Wordpad.
Planning Tool Objectives
After completing this planning tool, the user will be able to:
  1. Explain the core values the school-community has identified as essential for students to develop.
  2. Describe the specific behavioral indicators that teachers, parents and students will observe to determine how well students are modeling the core values.
  3. Identify specific skills students will be taught to be enable them to model the core values.
  4. Determine data sources to use to document student demonstration of core values.
Begin a new plan Return to existing plan Commit to character building Identify and define the core values Identify behaviors for each value Identify program strategies Choose assessment methods Share expectations and gather feedback