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Curriculum Wizard
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About Curriculum Wizard

This planning tool will guide you through some basic steps to help you develop curriculum, units, and lesson plans. The steps are common to curriculum development in all disciplines. The Curriculum Wizard assists with a thoughtful process of planning for instruction within a framework of standards, guiding questions, and concepts in order to impact student learning through high quality instruction. Balanced assessment and reflection are used to make decisions. Collaboration with others and on-going professional development are encouraged. Throughout the Wizard, links are provided to relevant resources. In conjunction with this planning tool, we encourage you to refer to the extensive discussion in the DPI content area curriculum guides.

You may begin your curriculum planning at any point in the process, as curriculum and instruction are fluid and each step is connected to each of the others. Click on the puzzle piece where you would like to start and use the key questions in each section to help guide your work. There is space to make notes on each page. You may print your work in an outline format or a table format or you can save your work and come back to it at any time.

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