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Section 121.91 (4)(o) Wisconsin Statutes

Reporting Instructions

  1.  School districts are required to report their board approved resolutions within two weeks of passage.
  2.  School districts are required to report their evaluations of energy savings for the preceding fiscal year by completing an addendum in the following year’s budget summary document required by s. 65.90 Wis. Stats.  The addendum report is due no later than two weeks after the budget hearing.

For efficient submission of exemption information the finance team will be using the referendum reporting module in SAFR.  It is recommended that the district print this set of instructions.

  1. Click here to go to the SAFR reporting portal.
  2. Only district staff authorized to submit referenda or annual report data (from the PI 1500 District Contacts report) can report resolution information.
  3. Input ID and Password and proceed to your district’s “Financial Data Home” and select “Referenda (PI 1572).”
  4. Select the link, “Add a new referendum.”
  5. Complete ONLY the following fields:
  6. “District Contact:” Select an existing contact.

    “Date of Vote:”

    “Type of Referendum:” Select “Board Resolution to Exceed Revenue Limit for Energy Efficiencies – Non Recurring.

    “Purpose:”   Either cut and paste or type in the entire resolution of the board into the “Purpose” text box:  DO NOT INSERT RESOLUTION IN THE “Actual Wording” TEXT BOX.  Districts will use that test box for reporting their energy savings evaluations.


    “Start Year:”

    Select the “Save Changes” box and exit the application. 

    NOTE:  To report energy savings after the 2010-11 budget hearing, use the “Actual Wording” text box.